Student Group Project: Human-Centered Design, Research, Tools for Learning

Designing Voice: Expression is a set of teaching tools to promote the use of student's voices for creative expression and advocacy.
Background. This project was completed for Pratt Institute's Design Advocacy course in collaboration with the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies at NYU, Indocumentales, and several New York public school teachers on residency with NYU. The goal was to assess K-12 curricular needs around the theme of immigration and identity and to find innovative ways to assist teachers using design thinking methodologies and communication skills.
Lesson design. The collaboration resulted in a three-part project called Designing Voice, with my group focusing on Expression. The Expression lesson presents a six-step methodology to teach students how to refine an idea and effectively communicate it through visuals, language, or a combination there-of. While the departure point of this project was immigration specifically, we kept our lesson general to allow room for reflection, creativity and personal expression on the part of the students. We felt this would help students to develop their voice (on any topic), and ultimately, their identity.
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